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battlefield in afghanistan with instructions on the internet from al qaeda and other groups explaining how you make them. they are extremely addition and law enforcement officials are worried about them. thank you. >> it is 4:32. a martinez boy injured in the bombings is making progress in the hospital. the mother of the 11-year-old aaron hern says he has opened his eyes and communicating with head nods. he was in boston to watch his mom cross the finish line when the bomb exploded. his leg was hit by shrapnel and support for aaron hern is growing with mountain mike's pizza in martinez will donate 30 percent of the sales through sunday to help the family. if you would like to show your support for aaron hern you can by sharing this "get well soon badge" on facebook getting the back by going to
4:31 am 7 news and stay with abc7 news for the latest developments on the bombings. our news reporter and anchor will join us live from boston with a slide show with the most touching images and moments of courage on the web site >> happening now san francisco authorities are on the look out for one escapee from a juvenile facility. officials say there was a break out at 10:00 at the youth guidance center. officers searched throughout the night. they have not released any information on the escape or the inmate now loose. >> all lanes are clear now on highway 101 through marin county after a man walking on a highway was hit and killed. the elderly man was struck by two cars in san rafael near the north san pedro road junction at 8:30 and c.h.p. says he was walking on the freeway and stepped out in front of a car for some reason. a second car also hit the man
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but took off. a driver of the first scene arrived until the paramedics arrived and no word on their identity. >> five teens are weighing up in jail for gunning down an off-duty paramedic in the oakland hills. the arrests were announced hours after funeral services for quinn boyer shot and killed at a stop sign two weeks ago. police say the teens are all between 14 and 16. they were arrested over the past two days. investigators say they pulled up alongside boyer and randomly shot him in the head. oakland police chief howard jordan says the crime is part of a disturbing wave of youth violence. >> parents, adults, school district members, politicians, need to step up to the plate and take responsibility for changing the dynamics of the city. buyer was laid to rest as haunt dreads attended the funeral in oakland. his wife, father, and movie
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escorted the casket from the church and accompanied by his fellow paramedics along with firefighters and law enforcement officers. quinn boyer was 34 years old. >> the parents of a saratoga teen would committed suicide after an alleged sexual assault be going after the high school district and the these teens the first lawsuit before a lawsuit. they claims the district did not do enough to stop the bullying of audrie pott who hanged herself after a photo was shared around the school. three, 16 year old boys are facing felony charges. >> mcdonald's will not add a new location in the south bay after all. the san jose city council has rejected the conditional use permit to build a new mcdonald's across the street from hyde middle school. the permit was denied last night
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on a 4-7 vote with concerned parents and members of the community protesting the new location saying the fast food restaurant would bring new cars to already busy streets. >> san francisco's brand new exploritorium opens to the public today at the new location with more space, new exhibits, and an an out of this world light show for the next couple of nights. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is there at the pier with a preview. >> it is opening day. inside the new exploritorium you will see how exhibits. the only show is not just inside at pier 15. outside the building, tonight and tomorrow night, they will have a light show outside of the exploritorium free for anyone, eye candy for people who are passing by and not just a bunch of lights dancing on the wall
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there is serious science. the company made ten small copies of the building facade and used natural phenomena to create affects projected on the exploritorium. very high-tech. >> we are wrapping the light an the building. >> inside you can touch, discover, and play all the way through as you explore the exploritorium. this is the explore storm's first new home in 44 years. there will be an opening ceremony at 9:00 this morning and it will be open to the public at 10:00. tickets start at $25 for adults and keep in mind this is the embarcardero and that means hardly any parking at all and they are expecting huge crowds. they recommend public transportation. getting here and getting inside could be quite an adventure.
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they are promising when you get inside you will discover an adventure that will make quite an impression. >> good advise on the public transportation. abc7 news is the official tv partner of the exploritorium. we have you covered. here is a run down of the events. a private opening ceremony is underway at 9:00 with abc7 news reporter as emcee and at 10:00 the exploritorium opened to the public. there will be events for the folks in line. at 8:30 the light show begins on the front of pier 15. the museum is open until 10:00. we have everything you need to know posted on our website at >> what luck, right, for the activists and the light show? the weather is going to cooperate. >> mike? >> it will be beautiful. from our roof camera you can see
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the flag, a little bit of a breeze on the bark gather, it is relatively quiet with temperatures in the upper 40's to mid-50's. at noon, 58 at coast and mid-60's is the lunch time temperatures. headed in the afternoon, 60 at the coast, low 70's for the rest of us and a very mild and comfortable evening around the bay and inland with mid-60's and cooler at the coast. you will need a coast at 52. moving forward, a warming trend started yesterday and continue today. levels off on thursday and friday. it will make a run at 80 and mid-70's around the bay and 80's at the coast and a warm push for the weekend, low 80's on saturday and 60 at the coast. i will show you how warm it will get in the seven but first the traffic. leyla gulen? >> good morning. as amy hollyfield was saying it is exciting that the exploritorium is opening but
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that mean as lot of traffic along the embarcardero. parking is at a rum. take mass transit which runs along the embarcardero. that way you can enjoy the whole day of festivities. in san jose we have a big rig crash that is in a ditch. northbound 101, with no delays just yet. to the tolls, the bay bridge is looking clear from oakland into the tolls. you have a clear drive into san francisco. as we head back into san jose the drive along 280 away from 17, not seeing any accidents. >> a big showdown is hours away. congress is on a gun-control bill. why gun advocates say that measure goes too far. >> you her the warnings about radiation and cell phones. find out why the big phone companies may not have to disclose the details to you in the future. now the tech bytes.
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>> more targeted cyber attacks but less spam e-mail is soon by internet users last year according to an annual report by a security company. they found 42 percent rise in the number attacks averaging 116 per day and it found spam accounted for 69 percent of all e-mail in 2012 down from 75 percent the year before. you may be able to control your age of computer by waving the computer. there will be leap motion, controllers in some of the pc's later this year and a japanese invention can turn paper into touch screens combining cameras with the projection you can trace your finger to highlight images or text and digitize it. the machine picks up flat surfaces and will
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>> covering berkeley and less and all the bay area, this is abc7 news.
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this morning the funeral of former british prime minister margaret thatcher is underway amid very tight security. her caskets was driven beyond buckingham palace. leaders and dignitaries from 170 countries are attending the funeral for the iron lady. mourners include queen elizabeth ii and 4,000 police officers are on patrol in beefed up security following the boston bombing. >> in washington, dc, the senate will vote on a gun control bill to expand background checks to more gun buyers. supporters are eight votes short of what is needed to pass the bill. the bipartisan measure requires background checks at gun shows and internet sales but exempt private sales. senators will consider eight amendments including banning assault weapons. the bills came from the newtown attack that killed 26 students and teachers.
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>> new details of the envelope sent to a senator that contained a deadly poison ricin. crews are testing the mail in landover, maryland to see if any other mail is contaminated. a senate says agents are focusing on a person who has written to lawmakers in the past so they do have a suspect. the envelope was addressed to mississippi senator roger wicker and postmarked in memphis. no indication anyone has been exposed to the poison. >> san francisco law requiring radiation warnings to cell phone customers could be overturned under a new deal. the board of supervisors will consider a proposal in the coming weeks ending the legal battles with the cell phone industry lobby over the 2010 law which has been on hold requiring phone her chants to warn users to keep devices away in their brain and reproduction organs.
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they would ensure that taxpayers don't pay the legal fees by dropping the law. >> for folks going to the exploritorium today, what is the weather going to be like? >> sunny. a lot sunshine. a little bit of a breeze because it is the embarcardero on the bay shoreline. other than, that it will be delightful. live doppler 7 hd showing dry conditions for your morning commute. we will talk about temperatures. we are running 45 in santa rosa, a cool spot. 49 in fremont, and san jose. everyone else is in the low-to-mid 50's until you get to antioch and san francisco, 57 degrees right new. here is a beautiful picture from mount sutro this morning looking down on the financial district, all the way over to emeryville. we will talk about what will happen with the forecast: sunshine. you liked yesterday? you will like today more warmth in the forecast. we have an extended period of dry weather and i don't see any wet weather the next seven daze as high pressure is locked in. that will build on the warmth.
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sunday, monday, and tuesday, we will try to make a run at 90 inland and mid-to-upper 80's will be warmer-than-average. here is a look at what is going on, you will see the low pressure finally starting to pull away and high pressure taking over and it has been a slow transition and that is why we have a few frees out there. the sunny and warm days will continue with the highs not going anywhere through the middle to later part of next week. we will focus on today, low-to-mid 70's in the south bay, from 70 in milpitas to 73 in los gatos. up the peninsula we will hang around the upper 60's to low 70's and still breezy at the coast from time to time, 62 at half moon bay to 60 in daly city and mid-to-upper 60's for south san francisco and through downtown and toward sausalito. low-to-mid 70's through the north bay valley and breezy at the beaches with temperatures in the upper 60's. 68 at hayward and newark and otherwise we have low 70's for the east bay shore and
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low-to-mid 70's today for you. the temperatures for tonight are mild again and most of us are in the 40's and there could be an isolated 30 in the north bay valley. it is sheltered most from the breeze. check out the temperatures, 80 thursday and friday inland and mid-70's along the bay and look at sunday, monday, and tuesday next week, mid-to-upper 80's inland and upper 70's to lower 80's an the bay and a few mid-60's at the coast. leyla gulen? >> while you are enjoying beautiful weather you can are explore the mass transit if you are headed to the embark day to bypass the nasty traffic and parking. here is a look at walnut creek with the drive along 680 slowing down. we are seeing plenty of taillights coming up on the 24 junction, the northbound commute is looking good. a few scant headlights coming away from 24. on the maps, there is
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construction going on in san jose. this is involving northbound and southbound 280 to the northbound 880 connection until 5:00 a.m. a wider shot of the san jose drive looks like everything is moving swiftly and 85 hitting at cupertino and not a problem. a quick jump to the east bay again as we head out of the central valley over the altamont pass you are at top speeds l60 miles per hour and starting to see a few extra bits company out there in the westbound drive. >> it is 4:50. >> getting a taxi could be easier in san francisco. find out who is trying to put the brakes on the new plan. >> students and staff at uc berkeley are warned, get ready to do a lot
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>> welcome back. a san jose maintenance worker would shot an unarmed intruder at an apartment complex has pleaded guilty to involuntary
4:50 am
manslaughter. the district attorney's office says that the 26-year-old hernandez will be sentenced to four years in county jail. he shot and killed a 36-year-old on new year's eve during a confrontation. he was reportedly trying to make a citizen's arrest. this have been a rash of burglaries at the apartment complex in the months prior to the shooting. >> relief is on the way if frustrated san francisco people who believe they wait too long no a cab, the municipal transportation agency voted yesterday to put 120 more taxis on the street this year and 200 more next year and the agency will eventually increase the number of vehicles from 1,600 to more than 2,300 but cab drivers want to hold off on the increases until the state decides whether ride-sharing companies like lift and sidecar unfairly compete with the taxi services. >> if you thought it is hard finding parking on uc berkeley now it will get harder. uc berkeley is in the process of
4:51 am
eliminating 650 park spaces for faculty, staff, and visiters. two parking lots have disappeared and another closes in august. new buildings will rise from the lots. construction begins this summer on a new acquatic center. the lost spaces will not be reinflationed. parking has always been an issue there decades ago when i went to school there so i won't say how many decades. >> couple of years ago... >> now the weather forecast. mike? >> not touching that. 4:54. from mount tamalpais the winds are gusting to around 20 to 25 miles per hour. temperatures are from four degrees warmer than yesterday in concord with low-to-mid 70's to five in san jose and six to seven degrees warmer in fremont and san francisco. a great day for baseball. hopefully you can get to the coliseum and enjoy the last season of the a's and astros.
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64 at 12:45. grab the sunshine the temperature tops out at 70 degrees. we are quiet in most areas around the state with temperatures in the 70's throughout the central valley. >> good morning at 5:54, in oakland as you make the drive westbound along 80 into the maze we have a few extra tail lights and eastbound 80 is not too bad out there but now as we take you right out to fremont we have this situation brewing, a stalled big rig along northbound 680 blocking a lane not causing any slowing and as we jump down to san jose, this is a big rig into a ditch, northbound 101. >> a new report expected to be released later today, blasts the california public utilities commission and questions the age's commitment to safety. according to the sacramento bee the report by northern california consulting firm found commission staff lacked the leadership and tools needed to make safety a priority.
4:53 am
an assembly budget committee will review the report as part of an update on the commission's safety culture change project and an initiative launched in the wake of the 2010 san bruno pipeline explosion. they said they have made safety and underlying principles in all actions. >> in the wake of boston bombings san jose police are stepping up security at places where large crowds the gather. they will assign more uniformed officers at sharks game sweeping the pavilion before the fans arrive with more officers and police dogs patrolling san jose international airport. >> a sign of solidarity across the nation at the ball packs for victims of the boston bombing. ♪ good times never seemed so good ♪ >> the red sox traditional rivals the new york yankees
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played dime's "sweet caroline" in tribute to boston during yesterday's game. the song was played during last night's a's game against the astros in oakland. the song has been a staple at red sox home games for at least 15 years. >> several people from newtown connecticut were among the 28,000 runner whose took part in the boston marathon. tom abrahams did not make it to the finish line because of the bombings. he and newtown residents were running the race with the names of the victims on their back and "newtown strong" covering their hearts on the front a fundraiser for the victims to recover from the shock of the newtown shootings that killed more than 20 children and educators. instead, it brought the painful memories back. i cried. again. just like on 12/14. >> he says the bombings reminded him and the others that
4:55 am
inspiring change takes time. >> a bay area boy injured in the boston bombings faces more surgery this morning. next at 5:00, the tremendous show of support he and his family are getting from friends, neighbors and complete strangers at home. >> new details this morning in the bay bridge bolt guy as
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news, new clues in the boston bombings. the f.b.i. says at least one of the bombs that exploded during monday's boston marathon was housed in a pressure cooker inside a backpack.
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thank you for joining us on this wednesday morning. >> we will have complete coverage of the boston bombings but first coverage of the weather forecast. >> we will start the warmup with mike nicco. >> started yesterday and continues today and builds through the seven-day outlook. live doppler 7 hd is dry for the morning commute. as we head in the afternoon, total sunshine everywhere with temperatures topping out in the mid-70's around the bay and inland and upper 50's at the coast, and we will still have a breezy spot from time to time but the trend of the winds calming is going to take place today. are there any hot spots for the commute? leyla gulen? >> at san jose we have a crash in affect but, also, in fremont, northbound 680, it is a stalled big rig blocking one lane. as we jump right up to the great highway we will take a look at this, still closed. that closure is in affect
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between lincoln way and slope boulevard because of the high winds that blew sand on the roads. >> thank you. we continue to follow developing news from boston, this morning, we are learning more of the victims and the devices uses in the two explosions during monday's boston marathon. the f.b.i. says it is reviewing 2,000 tips and going through surveillance video and photos. boston tv station is showing a photo taken by a viewer near the finish line of a large sack in front of the metal fence next to the mailbox right there and showing a photo taken moments after the explosion pleasured because of the graphic nature of the aftermath and the viewer said the large bag had disappeared. last night hundreds gathered for a vigil to honor the young of the of the three people killed in the attack. eight-year-old martin richards' loved

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